About us


Cloquer, S.A. is a company with over 35 years of experience in the manufacture and sales of textiles for the bakery sector. 12 years ago it was acquired by one of the oldest and most important textile groups in Spain, which dates back to 1875, as many documents bear witness to. The experience gained by six generations of the same family and the constant evolution within the textile sector has consolidated them as one of the regular suppliers to top brands, both in the fashion world and in technical fabrics on a global scale.



Industrial plant


Planta industrial


New industrial plant in Polinya (Barcelona), where we have our raw materials warehouses: wool, cotton, artificial and synthetic fibres.  In this plant we have the installations for the entire weaving department with over 200 latest generation looms.



Latest generation looms

 Sección de telares



 Warping machine




Maquina de pasar



Textil design room

 Textil design room


Technical tissues manufacturing plant


 Planta manufactura de textiles técnicos


 Planta manufactura de textiles técnicos



Shuttle looms' reconstruction and modernization workshop


The woolen bands used in bread forming manufacturing are made in shuttle looms. For this, we have an installation of 14 own looms and a workshop reconstruction and modernization of the same.


 Taller de reconstrucción y modernización de telares de lanzadera



Technical products manufacturing and manipulation facilities


Sewing room

 Sala de costura



Cutting room

 Sala de corte