CLOQUER manufactures and supplies its fabrics with a complete follow-up of all the components that are involved in the manufacturing, purchasing its raw materials at source, wool, cotton or other synthetic elements, and carries out all their manufacturing processes up to finished product shipment to the client within the company. 

All of this, along with the consequent monitoring of the traceability of all its products, ensures their quality and the company has a department that must supervise and approve them before delivery to the end client. 

Commercially CLOQUER has, in addition to its sales department in its main offices in Catalonia, important sales representations in France and in countries in the Maghreb, the Southern Cone of American and in Australia, which means its clients are located in practically all parts of the Globe, all of whom express their satisfaction. 

All these reasons, and by being both the manufacturer and seller of all of our products, make CLOQUER an ideal option, or as a supplier of various fabrics for clothing and other technical fabrics for conveyor belts and accessories.